How to Buy a Home in a Tough Market

The biggest challenge for buyers in a tough market is a shortage of homes for sale. You can increase the odds of finding and buying your dream home in a competitive market by considering the following things: * Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Your purchase offer will be much stronger with a mortgage pre-approval. *

Effective Communication Between Sellers and REALTORS®

One of the most important aspects of the home selling process is ongoing, two-way communication between a seller and the agent who represents them. Lack of communication is the most common complaint from both listing agents and sellers. To avoid this problem, have a conversation with your REALTOR® early on in the process and be
Safety Tips for Drilling In to Walls


Before drilling in to any walls in your home, take the time to find out if there are any pipes, electrical wires or cables hidden behind them. There are a variety of ways you can determine if – or where – any of these elements are located. If you’re unsure, start by looking in your
How Quickly Should a Seller Respond to Offers


When a buyer makes an offer, they expect the seller to respond within a reasonable time period. Most REALTORS® encourage their sellers to respond to an offer within 24 hours. When a seller receives a legitimate offer in writing, the seller can accept the offer, reject it, make a counter offer or do nothing. While


Bank owned properties, commonly referred to as REO’s (or real estate owned properties) are properties taken in to a bank’s inventory after a homeowner fails to make mortgage payments and a foreclosure sale results. These homes are typically sold in “as is” condition – and, in most cases, banks list these properties for sale through
Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it’s important to explore every opportunity to save money on your move. Here are some cost saving tips. * Try to avoid moving during the peak summer months of June through August. * Reduce your belongings by sorting through them to determine which items you can
Residential Landscape Trends

Residential Landscape Architecture Trends

A recent survey of residential landscape trends by the American Society of Landscape Architects looked at what elements consumers prefer for their outdoor living spaces. Let’s take a look at what made their list. For the first time, wireless internet connectivity appeared as a trend, suggesting that people want a backyard that allows them to

Questions Every Buyer Should Ask

Before purchasing a home, a buyer should always ask questions regarding specific aspects of the home such as: * How long has the home been on the market? * Has the seller made any major repairs or renovations? And, if so, who did the work… and were permits obtained? * How old is the furnace,
Is There Lead in Your Drinking Water

Is There Lead in Your Drinking Water?

How can you determine if there is lead in your drinking water? If your water comes from a well or other private water supply, check with your local health department or nearby water utilities for information on contaminants of concern in your area. The EPA requires all community water systems to prepare an annual water