How to Find a Good Handyman

A handyman is a person with a wide range of skills making various household repairs. Here are some tips for finding a reliable handyman. * First, make a list of the home repairs you need. Ask your relatives, friends and neighbors if they can recommend anyone to complete your projects. * Check sites like Angie’s

Proper Use of Extension Cords in the Home

Extension cords are meant for temporary use, but they are often misused. When used improperly, extension cords can cause serious electric shocks, fires, and even death. The following tips can help protect you, your family and your home: * Before using an extension cord, examine it for any damage. * Always use three-pronged extension cords,

Reasons to Not Sell “For Sale by Owner”

Every seller wants to make as much money as possible on the sale of their home, but if you are thinking about becoming a “For Sale by Owner,” your lack of experience could prove costly. Here’s why: How will you arrive at a competitive offering price? Are you familiar with the disclosure laws in your
New Construction vs Existing Homes

New Construction vs. Existing Homes

One of the first major decisions in the home buying process is whether to buy new construction or an existing home. Let’s take a look at each option. Newly built homes feature trendy designs that can be customized to your needs. They also offer modern heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. This means less maintenance,
Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Here are some simple ways to spruce up your bathroom at an affordable cost. Wallpaper is a sure sign of an outdated bathroom but fixing the problem is very inexpensive. Remove the paper and paint the walls a neutral color that complements the other elements of your bathroom. Give your bathroom an elegant and decorative

Reasons You May Have Standing Water in Your Yard

If you notice standing water in your yard, make sure you know what might have caused it. If a heavy rain occurred recently, don’t be surprised to see standing water. If standing water only occurs after a heavy rainfall, you more than likely don’t have a problem because rain is often not completely absorbed by
How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

How to Maintain Wood Floors

To keep your wood floors looking and performing well for generations, the National Wood Floor Association recommends the following: – Use throw rugs inside doorways to prevent debris from being tracked in and scratching your wood floor. – Never use vinyl or tile cleaning products on a wood floor. – Never wet-mop or steam mop
Tips for Selling Household Items

Tips for Selling Household Items

Holding a sale to get rid of unwanted household items can take a lot of planning and can be frustrating if you are not organized. Here are some tips to make your sale successful: – Pick a good day and time. Saturday mornings and afternoons are the most common. – Check to see if you’ll
Ways to Reduce Allergens in the Home 2

Ways to Reduce Allergens in the Home

Allergies and asthma can be problems indoors just as much as outdoors, so it’s a good idea to reduce allergens in your home whenever possible. Here are some easy ways to do that: * Encase mattresses, pillows and box springs with dust-mite proof covers. * Wash your bed linens in hot water weekly. * Keep

How to Buy a Home in a Tough Market

The biggest challenge for buyers in a tough market is a shortage of homes for sale. You can increase the odds of finding and buying your dream home in a competitive market by considering the following things: * Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Your purchase offer will be much stronger with a mortgage pre-approval. *