Five Key Reasons a Home Sells


There are five key reasons a home sells:

  • Price. The right price is one that is in tune with what similar homes in the market are selling
    for. If your home is priced higher than competing listings, it simply won’t attract as much buyer
    attention when it hits the market.
  • Location. The number one rule in real estate is “location, location, location” – which means that
    identical homes can differ in value depending on where they are located. Buyers look very
    closely at a property’s location.
  • Condition. The appearance and condition of a property will either attract – or discourage –
    potential buyers.
  • Terms. Things like closing and occupancy dates, and contingencies, play a big role… so be as
    flexible as possible with these terms.

And the last key reason? The REALTOR® you select. Choose one who knows your area and who has
the resources to market your home successfully!