How Much Homeowners Insurance Should You Buy?


Before you start shopping for a homeowners insurance policy, you need to think about how much
coverage to purchase.

If a disaster strikes, you’ll want enough insurance to rebuild the structure of your home, to help replace
your belongings, to defray costs if you are unable to live in the home, and you’ll also want to have
sufficient liability coverage.

Two main factors that determine the cost of your insurance are the value of the dwelling and your
personal possessions.

To some degree you don’t have a choice about how much insurance coverage to purchase, since your
mortgage lender will require coverage for at least 80% of the home’s value, or up to 100% of the
amount of the mortgage.

Homeowners insurance also protects you in case you’re found legally responsible for injury or damage
suffered on your property. Make sure you select a policy with enough liability coverage to protect all
assets that could be targeted in a lawsuit.

Talk to your insurance agent about getting the right coverage for your needs and budget, while still
insuring that your home, assets and belongings are properly protected.