Importance of Smoke Detectors in the Home


Thousands of people lose their lives each year as a result of home fires. Many of those lives could have
been saved by a simple device… a smoke detector.

It’s important to have working smoke alarms in your home to quickly detect smoke particles from fires –
especially ones that flame fast and give off little smoke.

Experts recommend installing smoke detectors near every bedroom of your home and on every level of
the home including the basement and garage. Smoke seeks the highest level, so place detectors on the
ceiling or, if on the wall, no lower than 18 inches from the ceiling.

Test each detector at least once per month to make sure they are working, and replace batteries at least
once per year. An easy way to remember is to change the batteries when daylight savings time begins or

State and local and laws vary regarding the type and location of smoke detectors for homes, so check
with your local fire department or online to learn the laws in your area.