Potential Causes of a High Water Bill


If your water bill is unusually high, it could be due to a water leak somewhere inside or outside your home.

The most common cause for a high water bill is a leaking toilet tank, but other leak sources can exist, such as:
leaky faucets, especially ones outside the home… a leak in a water heater or water softener… a broken,
cracked or corroded water main… or an improperly installed washing machine or dishwasher.

Some types of leaks are hard to find because there are no visible signs or sounds of running water. If you
can’t determine the source of a leak, check your water meter. First, turn off all appliances that use water,
then look at your water meter to see if the flow indicator is still moving. If you see movement, you more than
likely have a leak somewhere, and it would be time to call a licensed plumber who has the knowledge and
equipment to find the leak and repair it.